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Welcome to BioAssessment Services

BioAssessment Services (BAS) is owned and operated by Tom King as a sole proprietorship and is a registered microbusiness with the State of California's Department of General Services. BAS has been conducting macroinvertebrate-based bioassessment and monitoring throughout greater central and northern California since 1999. BAS has a history of broad experience ranging from assessments of small urban streams associated with stormwater monitoring programs to regulated river systems associated with the hydropower licensing process. BAS utilizes the assistance and expertise of subcontractors to facilitate the completion of project phases including field sampling, sample processing, analysis, and report preparation. BAS regularly serves as a subcontractor to larger organizations that conduct comprehensive waterbody assessments. BAS continues to serve a diverse clientele, including city, county and state governments as well as non-profit foundations, water districts, utilities and private environmental science and planning firms.

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